Wellness for the Rider

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A good rider makes a better horse… easier said than done.  Although horses cannot “speak” to us in the spoken English language, I find they are much easier to manage than our more complicated selves.  I am going to cover three categories below: The basics that we, as riders, require to get through the rigors …

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Understanding fluid loss, electrolytes and heat dissipation in horses

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With the weather warming up quickly this year, I thought I would post this article for review; it can also be found on the home page under: Endurance 101, sub-category “Electrolytes.” Understanding electrolytes, why and when we give them, is absolutely key to any endurance program. To better understand this, we must understand fluid balance …

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Stomach Ulcers – Causes and Prevention

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To understand what causes stomach ulcers, we must understand the physiology of the equine stomach and GI system. The horse is meant to graze up to 20 hours a day.  Their stomachs constantly produce acid and do not stop just because there is no food intake.  The saliva the horse produces when chewing serves as …

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