Endurance Riding Services

E101 offers several different services:
  • Mentorship and/or lessons for the rider.
  • Training (trail training, conditioning and behavioral issues) for the horse.
  • Nutritional Evaluation.
  • Rehabilitation.
Endurance 101 & Beyond offers a variety of mentorship programs.  Whether you are able to personally train with me or you need mentoring completely online, I can set up a personalized endurance riding program for you.  I will go over your feed/supplements program, conditioning program (distance, speed, time off, as well as address any behavioral issues), pre and post endurance riding program, and just about anything and everything that may come up. If done online, I can help you through video and pictures if needed.  Communication is key, so you will have personal contact information and you will be able to text, write or call me at your discretion.  I realize that there are situations that may arise when you may need spot-on advise.  You will be able to get detailed information on all aspects of endurance prior to it being available via articles or blogging on the E101 site. If you are able to train with me, there are three main parks with endurance riding trails that I use, all offering different terrain; Lake Texoma offers winding wooded trails with hill work, Lake Ray Roberts offers mostly flat, fast work with sand and some rock, and LBJ Grasslands offers five different loops with 75 miles of trail.  I also have beneficial amenities on-site including a covered and lit roundpen with 12-foot walls, covered euro-ciser, 0.6 mile race track, some trail, large paddocks, and an insulated barn with 14x14 stalls equipped with fans and heat lamps.  There are a few swimming facilities nearby as well, including “free-style” swimming as well as treadmill swimming. Realizing that there is no ONE program that fits every endurance horse and rider and depending on what you need, pricing is based on each individual program.  Contact me and tell me what you are looking for and I will get back to you with a quote. Endurance riding is such a great sport and I know if you try it, you will love it!!

 Endurance 101 & Beyond is here to get you to the trail, down the trail and onto the next trail!! 


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