Inflammation is a natural response by our bodies to fight internal as well as external insults.  However, too much or chronic inflammation can turn into a vicious cycle that in turn hurts us more than helps us.  This chronic inflammation plays a role in many illnesses including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer, etc.

Our bodies still need inflammation to control germs and heal wounds, but inflammation can become chronic for many different environmental, emotional and physical reasons.  As you can imagine in today’s busy world, chronic inflammation is becoming more and more common.

Excess body fat causes inflammation; in particular, belly fat has been linked to excess inflammation.  Stress can cause weight gain because the body produces hormones in response to stress that in turn cause inflammation.  Two hormones, in particular, produced by the stress are adrenaline and cortisol, and cortisol plays a role in belly fat.

How do we control inflammation naturally?

Although there are a variety of anti-inflammatory medications available, all medications come with risks so the best and healthiest way to control inflammation is to find a natural source.

  1. Diet.  Try to avoid high fat/high calorie meals.  Take your essential fatty acids (Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s) and, just like our equine partners, these fatty acids have an important ratio.  In humans, it should be 2:1 (Omega 6 to Omega 3).
  2. Reduce emotional and environmental stress – hahaha, right?!
  3. Exercise – Obviously, as endurance riders, we get exercise, but try to cross-train outside of riding, even if it is a nice brisk walk.

Nopalea Cactus juice is something I have been taking now for over six months and it has made an incredible difference in my program not only for myself but for my horses.  Many years of self-abuse through riding horses and injuries had gotten me so beaten down by the chronic pain that I felt on a daily basis, I not only felt awful, I had lost my luster for riding and I was quickly becoming more and more depressed.  Everything in my body hurt and I had zero energy.  It is hard to explain because it wasn’t really any one thing in particular; it was just an all-over ache.  I did discover a herniated disc in my cervical spine and that was affecting my nerves.  However, I had not realized how much pain I truly was in until I started taking Nopalea.  Within two days, I felt so incredibly good with great energy, I was able to start working out again, something I had not been able to do for a few years, at least not with that “good feeling, want to keep going” kind of workout.  My mood improved ten-fold and my overall body range of motion greatly improved.  I was “back!!”

After being on the Nopalea for a couple of months, I started wondering how well my horse would do on it.  After not riding all year, I got my horse ready for a 25-miler and she ended up with a suspensory ligament strain.  Really?  Darn it, I just started back again.  Well, I started her on the Nopalea with the same dose I was taking (3 ounces per day).  I really didn’t know if I would need to increase the dose to match bodyweight, but I thought it would be worth trying.  One month later, she did a 50-mile deep sand ride and she showed no signs of an injury/strain.  Deep sand would definitely bring any remaining pain out if there was a problem.  I can only imagine how Nopalea would work on older horses with arthritis or other aging ailments related to inflammation – I recently found this article I found below regarding a trainer who put her 20-something arthritic gelding on Nopalea. 

What I also noticed with my mare on the Nopalea was that she was more focused and less “spooky.”  She has always been a little mare with a very busy, busy mind in addition to being very forward – not really the best combination in personality traits!  On the Nopalea, she is still quite forward, but she is more focused, changing her “busy-ness” to “business.”

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Paula Tate and Her Horses

Award Winning Horse Trainer Paula Tate
 ordered the cactus juice to help relieve 
the aches and pains from the many injuries associated with her career.After phenomenal personal results…
she began giving it to her horses!

 Read about the amazing results 
with her 29-year-old 
arthritic horse Waco…


Horses have been Paula Tate’s passion for as long as she can remember.  For the past four decades, she’s operated the Paula Tate Training Center, where she’s trained hundreds of horses and taught people to ride for competition and pleasure.  Over the years she’s become known for her expertise in breeding, raising and training Arabian horses, many of which have gone on to win national championships in the U.S. and Canada.More recently Paula launched the nonprofit Partners in the Wind, a charitable program that pairs abused and neglected horses with children, including those at risk with emotional and social problems.  In the near future, she plans to expand her program to include women who have been victims of domestic violence.Paula says she can’t imagine a job that she could love more, but she’s well aware of the abuse her body’s taken.   “I’ve never broken a bone, but I’ve certainly hit the rail with my legs or had horses fall on me,” says Paula.  “It’s just the nature of the career.”She says she’s still fit and strong, but just doesn’t have the strength she used to, especially now that she’s 67.  Ten years ago, an injury to her arms and shoulders made her job especially tough. “It felt like my arms were jammed,” says Paula. ”I couldn’t raise them higher than my shoulders.”  Putting a saddle or a bridle on a horse was a challenge.

In September, when she received a letter in the mail about the Nopal Cactus Juice, she was intrigued and called the office to order some. By her first follow-up call a week later, she was telling the health coaches how thrilled she was. “It was amazing,” says Paula.  “There was a marked improvement in my arms and shoulders.  I had so much more flexibility and relief from pain.  I could even lift my arms to put on deodorant, something I had not been able to do in a long time.”

 Her energy level is up, too.  “I was coming home after working nine horses, taking a brief rest and then getting a second wind,” says Paula.  “I feel like I can get up and go again. It’s great.”

She’s also noticing that her bruises and cuts are healing faster.  “I was out at the barn and hit my shin,” says Paula.  “After I got home I saw there was a big hematoma and cut on it.  By the time I woke up the next day, the hematoma was gone.”

Another day, one of the horses she was training spooked, smashing Paula’s hand between the horse and a post.  “My hand was really black and blue and I couldn’t open or close my fingers,” says Paula.  “I iced it, drank some juice and the next day the hand was fine.  It was unbelievable.”

 Paula’s impressive results got her thinking about her horses and all the inflammation and pain many of them have in their joints and tendons.  She figured if the juice is this helpful to people, it might do the same thing for horses.  And she has the perfect horse to test it on – Waco, a purebred Arabian gelding, who is 29-years-old.

“He’s a wonderful horse, but he’s old and full of arthritis.  He’s not as mentally sharp as he used to be,” says Paula.  So, she began mixing 3 oz twice a day in his grain (the same amount as for an adult–even though her horse weights 1000 pounds).  She explained, “Waco hurt so much he barely moved and his head hung down and his ears drooped … it was clear to see how much he hurt. The next day Waco’s eyes were brighter… and by the following day his head was up and his ears were up and he was clearly feeling better and taking an interest in everything that was going on around him.  By the third day his strides were longer and his appetite was back and he gobbled up the food laced with cactus juice.  People are asking who the new horse is — they can’t believe the changes in Waco since we began giving him the Nopal Cactus juice!  To be sure we will continue … and keep you updated on his progress! 

Thank you so much for this gift of health for me and my precious horses.”

Improve your health today for you and your horse! 
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