Old Glory @ Lake Waco, TX 2012

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Deal's Midas Moon @ Old Glory 25-miler, 2012 - Photo by John Nowell

Photo by John Nowell


May 26-27, 2012 

The “Old Glory” ride this year was held over Memorial weekend at a new location, Lake Waco.  Temperatures were hot, in the 90’s, and the winds were strong.  We got a bit of a late start on Friday, finally leaving the barn at 10:30 a.m. and, as expected, traffic was a bit horrendous on Friday and our usual three-hour drive turned out to be 4 hours.  This is the first trip in the “new” trailer and my boys (as in children, not geldings) were along for the trip AND two of their friend.  Hmmmm…. four boys ages 10-12 – what was I thinking?  But… dancing here… I have a shower and toilet now!  WOOHOO!!!  No more kitty litter for me!

Ok, so the plan was to ride Kenlyn Pristine in the 50 Saturday and, if I felt it was not too terribly hot and zapping, I would ride Deals Midas Moon in the 50 on Sunday.

Well, Saturday didn’t go so well.  In fact, it sucked.  We started at 6:30 a.m. and a handful of us missed a left turn immediately out

Kenlyn Pristine @ Old Glory 50-miler, 2012 – Photo by John Nowell

of camp, so we followed ribbons (which by the way were extremely hard to see as they were a light lavender and of the scarce amount of ribbon out there, many were tucked back into the trees, making them even more difficult to see).  Well, since the ribbons were on our right, we had not realized we missed anything and kept on for 40 minutes before realizing something was wrong.  Thank goodness, someone had a phone and called into camp and we found out we missed a turn way back at the beginning, so…. back to camp to restart on the correct trail. Pristine then lost a rear shoe.  I noticed she was moving a little “different” and a friend noticed a shoe on trail (not mine), so I looked down and sure enough, only one rear shoe.  The problem with this is that Pristine has wedges on her rear feet, so she is now way lopsided with one wedge and one flat barefoot… that can’t be good.   We ended up doing close to 30 miles rather than the correct 20 miles on our first loop.  Pristine didn’t check in so great – she uncharacteristically took a while to reach pulse criteria and she ended up with quite a few B’s in her vet check.  Not good.  So now I decided to try to find someone who could pull her other rear shoe to at least make her even, and then see how she does in her one-hour hold before deciding whether or not to continue on.  We did have 30 miles to go yet and it was getting really hot fast.  I didn’t like the way she was looking.

Kenlyn Pristine coming into camp after many lost miles… Photo by John Nowell

I did find someone who had tools to pull her other shoe, but this particular person had a bit to desire in horsemanship because after he grabbed her rear foot with no warning/cue that he was going to ask for her foot and when she pulled her foot away, he proceeded to reprimand her with a swift kick to her belly… well, that’s not going to work.  Then, I was given the choice of trying one more time or drugging her.  What?!  Are you serious?  Doesn’t that defeat the point of continuing on?  At this point, Pristine wouldn’t let him near her, and I don’t blame her one iota… so I pulled her and called it a day.  It just wasn’t her day; it happens.

The boys by the way are doing GREAT – completely being self-efficient.  They entertained themselves by going to the lake and playing on the playground, playing video games in the trailer and watching movies.  They also found a couple of new friends… perfect!  The trailer is a disaster, but everyone is happy!

Jack and friends, Trever and Zachary, headed to the lake (Patrick stayed "home" for this round) – Photo by John Nowell



So, Sunday, Deals Midas Moon (aka California) will do the 25.  It’s too hot and I’m not up for it.  Sunday morning, I was asked to sponsor a junior and I gladly said yes.  California was trembling before I even tied him up to be saddled; I guess he has figured out that he is the second-day horse… that didn’t take him long.  I also did not wait for everyone to leave camp this time and decided to see how well he would warm up with everyone.  He did pretty good, a little prancing, side-stepping, etc.  He looked really dressage-like – too bad I wasn’t asking him to do those moves.  We started towards the rear and settled in behind a couple of riders going about 5-6 mph… perfect warm-up.  After a couple of miles, we decided to go on as this was a bit slow for him.  Since I fully knew the purple trail by now, we enjoyed doing it the correct way and it took us just an hour and a half to do the 15 miles.  California even pulsed faster

Deal's Midas Moon @ Old Glory 25-miler, 2012 – Photo by John Nowell

than he normally does… great – he’s finally settling his nerves!  Yay!

California even ate during his hold time… awesome! The next loop was 10 miles and just a couple of miles into it, I hear my junior say, “I lost my stirrup.”  You what?  My mind immediately started trying to figure out what I had on me that would work to tie it back on… and I’m wondering if we are going to have to head back to camp if we cannot.  I don’t have anything.  The good news, she had break-away stirrups so no problem, just a 10-minute delay.  Unfortunately, during this time several people passed us.  It’s 25 miles, it’s training, no worries.  At least we can continue on, right?!

So we cruised through the last 10 miles with a finish time just short of 3 hours, which I was very impressed with.  We would have been closer to 5th/6th or 7th, somewhere in there if we had not lost those 10 minutes, but… it’s 25 miles, it’s training, no worries!  My junior and her awesome family crew got her into 9th place whereas I came through the P&R at 12th place.  It’s 25 miles, it’s training, no worries, right?!  I do wonder what goes through some people’s minds and their thought process though… hmmm… principles anyone – ???  Just saying.  At the end of the day, though, I am very, very proud of my boy – he is going to be a great endurance horse!

Next stop:  Llano Estacado at Lake Meredith north of Amarillo, Texas on June 16 & 17th 2012


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  • Diane O'Connor Jun 23, 2012 

    Loved your story. Principles, anyone, seemed to be the theme, at least on saturday. All in all it was a great ride, and I look forward to Vickie and Val putting it on again next year. I enojyed the challenges presented by the making so many miles in such a small area by having lots of technical twists and turns. I also enjoyed finally meeting you at llano (my first time there), and look forward to seeing you and your lovely and talented horses at future rides. Good job on the website. Wish I had time to do something like this! :-) To finish is to win!


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