Stress Management

In today’s increasingly busy world, how do we manage stress?  First, we need to understand there are many types of stress, including:

  • Emotional stress
  • Environmental stress
  • Mental stress
  • Physical stress

All of these forms of stress can cause a host of problems that in turn just cause more stress, such as trouble sleeping, depression, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, chronic pain and inflammation, etc.  So stress causes these problems and these problems then cause more stress… how in the world do we get control of this horrible cycle?

Here is a really good article on stress and its effects on our bodies: The effects of stress on our bodies

I, myself, found myself with incredible stress over 1) chronic pain; 2) workforce changes; 3) family needs; and 4) juggling children/family with work and riding/competition.

First, I started trying Adaptogen 10 Plus, an all-natural stress-reduction supplement.  The second thing I started taking was a sublingual B-12 vitamin.  The symptoms of a B-12 deficiency mimic those of stress.  Plus, unlike most B-12 vitamins, you don’t have to eat with this one, which is really convenient especially for those like me with a bad short-term memory!

What are Adaptogens?

The Adaptogen 10 gave me that extra boost in energy that I have not felt since I was in my 20’s!  It gave me back that spring in my step and has allowed me to not get stressed out over the little things, particularly when it comes to my children and family.  I just have an overall calm feeling when dealing with the daily obstacles we all face AND I have great energy!  Together, Nopalea cactus juice and Adaptogen 10 Plus have changed my life!

Try it – you will not be disappointed!  You can place your order here for:

Adaptogen 10 Plus

Sublingual B-12

Energy Now!

Nopalea – the natural anti-inflammatory cactus juice


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